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Devlog #4

Hey everyone! We’ve got quite a bit for you in this devlog, so have a seat and enjoy the read!

First off, after much deliberation, we’ve decided to host our game on, a web platform specifically designed to distribute indie games. We’d previously talked about going this route but had decided against it, not wanting our game to be discovered by non-Witness players. However, after a bit more research, we discovered that we could launch the project on while and set it as unlisted and unsearchable, so that the only way to access the page would be via a direct link.

Having our game hosted on also means more reliable download speeds, a much easier process of updating individual game files, and other nifty features that are perfect for Project Paradise. Of course, will remain the official home for all Project Paradise news and announcements, but the actual downloadable game files will be on

Upcoming Demo Release

In case you missed the previous devlog , the free demo version of our game will be released on March 31st of this year. Yes, that’s just six days from now! We can’t wait either!

On that date, we’ll update this site with a new page featuring the demo download, so check back then!

Suspension of Disbelief

In order for their stories to be successful, storytellers rely heavily on their audience’s suspension of disbelief––the avoidance of critical thinking and logic when encountering speculative fiction for the sake of enjoyment.

Our game definitely falls into this category. While each of us has our own expectations of what paradise will/won’t be like, none of us knows for certain, and that includes us, the makers of this game. While we’ve tried to be accurate, you might stumble upon a thing or two that seems out of place (we’ve already had plenty of messages about the volunteers’ lack of protective equipment, among other things!). Of course, we welcome any and all feedback, but please keep in mind that this is speculative fiction, and some liberties have been taken to craft a particular experience.

Managing Expectations

As an early release (sometimes called an “alpha release”), this demo will be indicative of the gaming experience that awaits you in the future full release. That said, this doesn't exactly mean that anything is set in stone. We have the core gameplay elements working smoothly, but some things will likely be fine-tuned, and much, much more will be added in the coming weeks and months.

While there are many features we plan to incorporate in the full release (interacting with plants and animals, exploring new areas, upgrading buildings, and of course telling more of the game’s story), we’re simply not there yet.

As we've stated before, the purpose of this demo is to get the word out, let you all experience a little of what we’ve been working on, and hopefully garner plenty of feedback.

So after you’ve played through the demo, please visit this page and fill out our brief survey. We’re not looking for pats on the back here; we genuinely want to improve Project Paradise in every way we can. (Of course, compliments are always welcome too!)

Oh, and if after playing the demo you realize this game isn’t for you, that’s totally fine too. We know we can’t please everyone!

Word of Mouth

Some of you have written in with offers to help us in various ways. We appreciate all of these offers so much! While we currently are comfortable keeping Kihapai Playgroup to a two-man team, one big way you can help us out is by telling others about Project Paradise. This is truly a passion project for the two of us, and we’d love for as many other Witnesses to experience it as possible!

See you soon!

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