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  • What kind of a game is Project Paradise?
    While we don't want to spill all of the details just yet, we'd classify Project Paradise as a "light RPG" (role-playing game). The game is driven by the story of the main character, the other Witness characters who populate the game, and the town itself. Like other RPGs, you will acquire tools and abilities as you progress, and you will gradually learn the backstory of other characters as you befriend them. Gameplay is made up of exploration (new parts of the map open up as you complete certain tasks or build new structures), collection of raw resources/materials (by use of the tools in your inventory), and interaction with NPCs (non-player characters in the game). The long-term goal of the game is to clean up or salvage all of the debris you find, a task for which you will need a wide array of tools and the assistance of the Witness NPCs. Needless to say, unlike worldly RPGs, there is no combat, no violence, and no foul language in our game!
  • How can I play Project Paradise?
    The demo version of the game is currently available here. Since the final, complete game is still in development, we're cautiously avoiding making any promises at this point. (2020 showed us just how unpredictable life can be!) The game is currently being developed as a desktop game and runs on both Mac computers and PCs.
  • Who is making this game?
    The developers behind this game are your brothers: Jason, the programmer and game architect, and myself, the artist, music composer, animator, and writer. You can read our story here.
  • How are you making this game?
    Our game is being built in Unity (most of the game code is being written in C#). The majority of the art and animation is being done in Aseprite. Music and sound effects are being recorded, edited, and composed in Audacity and GarageBand. The vast majority of the game is being coded, drawn, and built from scratch.
  • Will you sell this game?
    The current demo version is completely free to download and play, as we want as many of our friends to enjoy the experience as possible. However, the final and complete version will be sold for a price comparable to other indie game titles, likely in the $10-20 (£7-14) range.
  • I have more questions!
    We have answers! Feel free to reach out to us using the Contact form on this site, or visit our Forums. We will get back to you as soon as we can.
  • I can't get the demo to work! Help!
    Oh no! That's terrible! Check out our Troubleshooting Forum. If you can't find the answer there, please don't hesitate to post your iusse or contact us directly. Let us know your specific operating system and computer brand/model and we'll do our best to get you up and running!
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